«Seasons and Weather» для учнів 6 класу за підручником О. Карп’юк

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Розробка уроку з англійської мови для 6 класу за підручником О.Карпюк з використання ІКТ

Таранова Олена Олександрівна , вчитель англійської мови Горлівського навчально-виховного комплексу "ЗОШ І-ІІІ ст. № 85- медичний ліцей"




з англійської мови

Тема: «Seasons and Weather»

для учнів 6 класу за підручником О.Карп’юк

Підготувала: вчитель англійської мови

Таранова Олена Олександрівна

Горлівського НВК

«ЗОШ І-ІІІ ст.№ 85- медичний ліцей»

Lesson 6 form

Seasons and Weather

Цілі : активізувати вживання в мовленні учнів засвоєного матеріалу за темою «Пори року. Погода»; розширити лексичний запас учнів з теми; розвивати слухову пам’ять та логічне мислення учнів, мовленнєву компетенцію;

вдосконалювати навички аудіювання,читання, письма й говоріння;

розвивати мовленнєву реакцію учнів; продовжувати формувати навички діалогічного мовлення;

виховувати зацікавленість учнів у розширенні своїх знань; виховувати почуття взаємодопомоги;виховувати в учнів любов до природи.

Обладнання: підручник, робочий зошит, картки для роботи в парах, картки для роботи самостійно, презентация 1, мультимедийный проектор (для показа презентации), компьютер,

аудіозапис музики Чайковського «Времена года», тематичні картинки.


І. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного мовлення

Greeting 1. Організаційний момент Привітання.

T: Good morning! Nice to meet you. Sit down. Вірш “Good Morning” (Ps)

1) Бесіда з черговим

T:Who is on duty today?

P: I am on duty today.

T: Who is absent?

P: All are present.

T: What day of the week is it today?

P: Today is Tuesday.

T: What date is it today?

P: Today is the 18th of December.

T: Is it warm or cold today?
Is it windy today?
Is the sun shining brightly?
What is the weather like today?
Do you like this weather? Why?


2) Повідомлення теми та мети уроку

T. The topic of today’s lesson is “Seasons and Weather”. And the motto: (слайд 2)

We should be thankful together

Whatever the weather

Today we continue speaking about seasons of the year, months and weather. By the end of our lesson you will be able:

to operate words and word combinations for the topic in different situations;

to listen and understand the gist and specific information from the text;

you’ll also practice your oral speech.

Warming up 3) Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.

T. So, let’s start our lesson.

a) Т. But as a rule, we’ll begin our lesson with phonetic (pronunciation) drills. Let’s train the sounds.

2. Фонетическая зарядка (слайд 3).

[ t ] – terrible, hot, melt, frost, hate, autumn;

[ d ] – dry, cold, cloud, cloudy;
[ s ] – snow, snowy, sunny, spring, season, summer;
[ w ] – weather, wet, windy, warm, winter. Well done.

b) Answer the questions: Conversation

T: Would you answer my questions?

1) How many seasons are there in a year? Name them.

2) How many months are there in a year? Name them.

3) What winter months do you know?

4) What is your favourite season?

5) What season comes after autumn?

6) What season is it now?

7) What month is it now?

8) How many days has Deсember?

c) T. Let’s warm up our speech organs and pronounce the poem: (слайд 4)

30 days has September, April, June and November…”

d) T. I know you like to play. Let’s play game “ Guess what season it is”: ( 2 teams)

T: Guess what season it is.

3. Речевая зарядка (T-Cl)

3.1. What season is it? (слайд 5, 6)
Is it warm or cold in winter?
Is it windy and frosty in winter?
Does it snow in winter?
Do you skate and ski in winter?
Do you play hockey in winter?
What are winter months?

3.2. What season is it? (слайд 7, 8)
Is it warm or frosty in spring?
Is it sunny in spring?
Does it melt in spring?
Is it rainy in spring?
Do you play football in spring?
What are spring months?

3.3. What season is it? (слайд 9, 10)
Is it cold or hot in summer?
Is it sunny in summer?
Is it sometimes rainy in summer?
Do you cycle in summer?
Do you swim in the river?
What are summer months?

3.4. What season is it? (слайд 11, 12)
Is it cool or hot in autumn?
Is it foggy in autumn?
Is it sometimes cloudy and rainy in autumn?
Do you cycle in autumn?
Do you swim in autumn?
What are autumn months?

II Основна частина уроку

1. Контроль знання фактичного матеріалу за темою (аудіювання)

Listening 1) Аудіювання ( слайд 13)

T: Listen to the poem “Twelve Months”. Write down what every month brings us.

January brings the snow,

Makes our feet and fingers glow.

February snows again,

And sometimes it brings us rain.

March brings sunny days and winds,

So we know that spring begins.

April brings the primrose sweet,

We see daisies at our feet.

May brings flowers, joy and grass

And the holidays for us.

June brings tulips, lilies, roses,

Fills children’s hands with posies.

Hot July brings apples and cherries

And a lot of other berries.

August brings us golden corn,

Then the harvest home is born.

Warm September brings us school,

Days are shorter, nights are cool.

Fresh October brings much fruit,

Then to gather them is good.

Red November brings us joy,

Fun for every girl and boy.

Cold December brings us skating,

For the New Year we are waiting. T: You have 1’to finish your task.

2) Хвилина розрядки

Т. I see that you are tired. Let’s have a little rest. Poem “No winds, no rains…” ( слайд 14)

3) Reading I’ve received a letter from pupils. They wrote about their favourite seasons. (слайд 15)

T: Read the text and do the tasks. ( музика Чайковського «Пори року. Грудень»)

Tom. My favourite season is autumn. It’s a beautiful season. The leaves in the trees are red, yellow, brown and green. It is warm in September. I can go for a walk. On the first of September I am glad to see my friends at school after the long summer holidays. In autumn there are a lot of vegetables and fruit. I like sweet plums.

Alice. I don’t like autumn. It’s a dull season. I don’t like when it’s rains. In October it is cold and it often rains, and we can’t go for a walk. I like summer. Summer is a bright season. The trees are green. It’s hot and I can swim in the river. I can play outdoors all day long. And I don’t go to school.

David. And my favourite season is winter. Winter is beautiful. The trees are white with snow. There is a lot of snow in the streets and in the parks. My friends and I can play snowballs and hockey. But most of all I like to ski.

Susan. I don’t like winter. It’s so cold in winter. It often snows. The sky is grey. The days are short and the nights are long. I like spring. The sun often shines, the sky is blue, birds sing songs. In May the trees and grass are bright green. There are many beautiful flowers in May.

Write the correct name.

1) _______________ likes snow.

2) ________________ doesn’t like rain.

3) ________________ likes sunshines.

4) ________________ likes swimming in hot days.

5) ________________ likes meet friends after holidays.

6) ________________ likes colourful leaves.

True or False.

1) It snows in winter.

2) October is an autumn month.

3) It’s hot in winter.

4) We start school on the first of October.

5) You can eat apples in autumn.

6) The trees are bright green in May.

4)Робота з лексикою Writing (слайд 16)

T: Write down sentences, using these words. You have 2’ on this task

January, spring, four, twelve, February, October, August, winter

1) A year has _____________ seasons.

2) There are _____________months in a year.

3) The first month of the year is __________________.

4) __________________ has 28 or 29 days.

5) __________________ comes after autumn.

6) Autumn months are September, ____________, November.

7) _______________ is summer month.

8) May is ________________ month.

7. Робота в парах. Діалог (слайд 17)

а) T. And now let’s listen to your dialogues you have prepared at home.

But first let’s read the example

1) P1.Do you like autumn?

P2. No, I don’t. I think it’s a dull season. The leaves fall down from the trees. It often rains. It’s often cold. No, I don’t like autumn. But I like summer.

P1. Do you?

P2. Yes, I do, because we do not go to school in summer. You can have a lot of fun in summer.

2) P1. What is your favourite season, Ann?

P2. My favourite season is winter. I can skate, ski, play snowballs and sledge. I think that winter is a beautiful season. Forests and fields are white with snow.

P1. And what about spring? Do you like it?

P2. Oh, yes, I like it very much too. The leaves are small and green. It’s warm in spring. The sun is not very hot. Well, I think all the seasons are beautiful.

8. Speaking T: Different people like different seasons. Some people like winter and autumn, others like spring and summer. Now let’s listen about your favourite season you have prepared at home (слайд 18)

T. There are many proverbs about seasons. I want you to learn some English proverbs about seasons and weather

( слайд 19)

P1. The morning sun never lasts a day.

P2. There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes.

P3. After rain or clouds comes fair weather.

P4. Christmas comes but once a year.

T: April weather, rain and sunshine both together. То дождь, то солнце.

Every thing is good in its season. Всему своё время.

April showers bring May flowers. В апреле дожди – в мае цветы.

A tree is known by its fruit. Яблоко от яблони недалеко падает.

A snow year, a rich year. Багато снігу — багато хліба.

9. Sing the song “Jingle Bells” (слайд 20)

ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку

1. Домашнє завдання T: Let’s open your diaries and write down your homework .

Describe today’s winter day. (слайд 21)

2. Підбиття підсумків уроку

Т. With the help of this poem let’s try to prove our today’s motto:

When the weather is wet, we must not fret,

When the weather is cold, we must not scold.

When the weather is warm, we must not storm,

But be thankful together whatever the weather. (слайд 22)

T. And with that we are coming up to the end of our lesson. I’m pleased with your work. I’m happy to say we have done a good bit of work today.

Your marks are…

Good-bye! Enjoy your break!

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