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«На Балу у Шарля Перро»

Вчитель англійської мови

Бережанської гімназії ім.Б.Лепкого

Тернопільської області

Галещук О.В.

На балу у Шарля Перро

Музика1 (див. супровідний матеріал)

У казці все справжнісіньке буває,

Усе живе, все мислить, розмовляє.

В ній мудрість є, вона навчає жить,

То як же людям казку не любить?


Here come the fairies, here come the witches.

Here come the giants, and trolls from the ditches.

Here’s Sleeping Beauty, a prince and a king.

A wicked stepmother, a spell and a ring.

Out of the storybooks, falling from pages,

Stories of magic and tales through the ages.

Out of the castles, down from the turrets,

Leaping the rivers, and racing through forests.

Здрастуйте, діти! Давайте сьогодні разом помріємо. На крилах мрії можна полинути в чудесні казки. Разом з героями казки можна посумувати, посміятися і відправитися в подорож у далекі країни. Казки всі люблять. Вони необхідні людям.

Many fairy tales are even older than the printing press. Originally, they were passed on from person to person and from generation to generation only orally.

Загадковий і чарівний світ казки! Тут переплелись мрії і фантазії, правда і вигадка. Тут все можливо! Можна з одного виміру миттєво перебратись в інший або знаходитись одночасно в декількох! А можна зустрітись з ким завгодно, і все добре закінчиться. І мабуть, найкраще з усього, що відбувається у казці, — це хороше закінчення всіх пригод. Можливо, тим вона так і притягує дітей і дорослих, що можна помріяти і всюди побувати, все на світі побачити і порозмовляти з усіма однією мовою, зрозумілою всім.

The World of Fairy Tales is amazing and extraordinary. Fairy tales give us space for dreams and imagination, and we want to dream so much, that the dream itself comes to a child, even when we do not think about it, but it's true! And when a dream comes, the child's soul flies far away, up to the stars, and the eyes are glowing like tiny stars in the sky. This is so wonderful!

Я би так хотіла жить в чарівнім домі

Де казки панують, як вірші в альбомі

Де стіни старенькі пліткують щоночі

Про все, що в казках бачили на власні очі

Де вогонь й тепло в каміні  затишок несуть

а на поличці книжковій - чудеса живуть, 

Де в старовинному кріслі, трохи скриплячи пером,

Вигадує казки друг мій - Шарль Перpо

We know him as the man who wrote some of the most popular fairy tales of all times. He actually didn't write them from scratch but based on the old fables and stories based on folk motifs.

He gave red colour to the cap of Little Red Riding Hood, he set a spindle to Sleeping Beauty and he put glass slippers on feet of Cinderella, although all these characters were invented before his time.

But who cares? Charles Perrault was the man who wrote fairy tales in new, more orderly and modern style and gave them moral values. Most of this values we still expect in fairy tales, although some of them came from very different places and times as we live now.

In some way we can say Perrault is a father of the written fairy tale


song 1 вступ


Once upon a time there lived an unhappy young girl. Her mother was dead and her father had married a widow with two daughters. Her stepmother didn't like her one little bit. All her kind thoughts and loving touches were for her own daughters. Nothing was too good for them - dresses, shoes, delicious food, soft beds, and every home comfort. But, for the poor unhappy girl, there was nothing at all. No dresses, only her stepsisters’ hand-me-downs. No lovely dishes, nothing but scraps. No rest and no comfort. She had to work hard all day. Only when evening came was she allowed to sit for a while by the fire, near the cinders. That’s why everybody called her Cinderella.


(Cinderella sweeps the floor and sings)

Song 2

Cinderella I am called

I am the saddest in the world…

From the dawn I’m working.

In the kitchen sweeping floor,

Washing, cooking, doing chores

Always being in cinder…

Stepsister1 : Cinderella…, Cinderella…, Cinderella…!

Cinderella : Wait, I’m coming. Why do you call me?

Stepsister1 : look at that. The floor is dirty. Clean it quickly.

Stepsister 2 : no, no, no, Cinderella. I’m hungry now, cook some food first.

Stepsister1 : the floor is dirty.

Stepsister2 : I’m hungry

Stepsister1: I don’t care, the floor is dirty

Cinderella : May I say some things?

Steps sisters : NO!!

Stepsister 1: Did you clean the kitchen?

Cinderella: Yes, I did.

Stepsister 2: Did you polish my shoes?

Cinderella: Yes, I did.

Stepsister 1: Did you iron my clothes?

Cinderella: Yes, I did.

Stepsister 2: And...did you make breakfast?

Cinderella: Yes, breakfast is ready.

Step mother : What’s happen in here?

Step sister : No, mom. Nothing.

Stepmother Cinderella bring us breakfast and be quick!!!!!!!!!!

Narrator: The evil stepsisters made Cinderella do all the hard work. It usually happened everyday. Cinderella got big punishments everyday. One day in the castle, there lived a charming prince. His parents wanted him to marry. So they decided to invite all beautiful ladies of their kingdom to the ball


3 Sounds of horn

Servant attention! attention!: Attention, for all ladies in this country. Prince invited you to come to his dance party. Every lady can come. That party will be on Saturday night this week.

Cinderella: (calling out) Stepsisters! A letter from the royal palace has arrived for you.

Stepsister 1: (fighting) Give it to me! I want to open it.

Stepsister 2: (fighting) No! I want to open it.

Stepsister 1 & 2: (looking at the invitation card) Look! We are invited to the Prince’s ball at the royal palace.

Cinderella: (crying sadly) I wish I could go, too.


A ball was to be held at the palace and the stepsisters were getting ready to go. Cinderella didn't even dare ask if she could go too.

Scene 3

(Cinderella is sweeping the floor. Her stepmother is sitting in the arm-chair watching her critically. The stepsisters run in.)

1st stepsister (in excitement): There will be a ball . . .

2nd stepsister (interrupting her): In the King’s Palace!

Stepmother: Well, I know all, but where is . . .

Where is my dress? (to Cinderella)

1st stepsister: And my?

2nd stepsister: And my?

Stepmother (irritated): Why can’t you find anything when I ask?

Cinderella: Oh, it’s not a difficult task.

Your dress is there.

Your dresses are here . . . (gives them the dresses)

Stepmother: Be careful, dear. Don’t spoil them with you dirty hands.

But where are our fans?

Cinderella: Oh, I can give you the fans, too. (after a pause) Sisters, you are happy, aren’t you?

1st stepsister (in great surprise): Do you also want to go to the ball?

Cinderella: Oh, I can’t dream of the ball at all!

Stepmother: Of course, you have much work to do. You must think about it, too.

1st stepsister: First, you must mend my socks.(gives Cinderella her socks with big holes)

2nd stepsister: Clean the spoons, the knives and the forks (puts everything into Cinderella’s apron).


(in despair): Oh, yes, I’ll do everything, don’t worry . . .

1st stepsister: Oh, mum, be quick!

2nd stepsister: Let’s hurry!

(they leave the stage with their fans and dresses)

Song 4


Just believe me

Just believe me, just believe me but I had a happy dream,

That a prince arrived to palace

On the silver horse to me.

And the dancers met us there,

Drummers, trumpeters arrived,

Forty eight conductors were

And the violinist had come.

Just believe me, just believe me

It was such a splendid ball,

And a well known famous painter

Draw my portrait on the wall.

And the wiseman told aloud

I Am the fairest of all

And composer’s songs an verses

Brought me lots of joy to soul.

Just believe me ,just believe me

That I danced a quadrille so

That thirteen cavalier - dancers

Couldn’t even breathe at all.

And the orchestra played greatly

Making guests to laugh a lot

Just because in king’s performance

Everybody heard gabot.

Just believe me, just believe me

I was spinning like a top,

And perhaps being in a hurry,

Lost glass slipper at the ball.

When a happy dream just melted,

Like the clouds melt at night,

On the window sill I noticed

Two glass slippers throwing light…


(Cinderella is crying. The fairy appears.)

Cinderella: Oh ! Who are you?

Fairy godmother: I’m your fairy godmother, beautiful Cinderella. I am here to help you go to the ball tonight.

Why are you crying, dear child, why? Please, don’t cry!

Cinderella (sobs): I can’t go to the ball because my dress is dirty and old.

Fairy: I know you are diligent and kind, my dear. I want to help you. Please, look here.

(waves her magic stick)

Music Wonder

One, two, three . . . (The light goes out and after that the fairy has a fine dress on the peg and beautiful shoes in her hands and gives everything to Cinderella).

Cinderella (in astonishment): Oh, what do I see?

A dress and shoes for me . . .

Cinderella: Oh, I love them!Thank you, you are so kind!

I’m happy now. It’s really fine!

Cinderella: What a lovely coach and handsome horses.

Fairy godmother: You are ready now, my dear. Have fun tonight, but be back by midnight, or else! “You shall go to the ball Cinderella. But remember! You must leave at midnight. That is when my spell ends. Your coach will turn back into a pumpkin and the horses will become mice again. You will be dressed in rags and wearing clogs instead of these glass slippers! Do you understand?”

Cinderella: Okay, fairy godmother! Thank you.

Scene 5 at the ball


” (At the King’s ball. The Queen and the King are opening the ball.

Queen (solemnly): The ball is on, please dance and play!

King: We want to make a happy holiday!

Music Valts

(Music and dancing. Suddenly Cinderella appears and the music stops.)

Queen (to the King): Who is that girl?

King: She is so nice and smart . . .

Prince: May I dance with you? Let’s start . . .
You are a dream of my heart. (Music again, they dance. Suddenly the music stops again, they dance. Suddenly the clock strikes 12 times.)

Cinderella: It’s 12 o’clock and I have to run. Good-bye, I really had a great fun!

(She is runs away having lost one of her shoes.)

Prince (falls on one knee): Where have you run, the dream of my life?

I want to dance with you all night!

(He picks up the lost shoe and looks at it.)

Narrator: Cinderella did not answer and ran back to the coach, but she lost one of her glass slippers on the way. Then, the coach and horses disappeared. Cinderella’s beautiful dress turned back to rags.

Scene 6

Prince: I want every girl in the kingdom to try on this lost glass

slipper. I must find my princess. But the glass slipper didn’t fit anyone.

(The stepsisters and stepmother are talking. Cinderella is sitting aside, knitting something.)

1st stepsister: A beautiful lady was at the ball. We really don’t know her at all.

2nd stepsister: The Prince wants to marry her. As you know . . .

Stepmother: But where are these heralds going?

(Two heralds enter the room accompanied by Cinderella’s father.)

1st herald: Please, try on this glass shoe.

2nd herald (looking through the long list): We know you were at the ball.

1st stepsister (trying the shoe on): It’s too small.

2nd stepsister: It’s small for me, too.

But look at my daughter.She has small feet.

Come here, my dear, and, please, take it. (gives her the shoe)

Stepmother: But she didn’t go to the ball. She is Cinderella and that is all!

Cinderella: I want to try it on, Mum.

Besides, I’ve got another one.(takes the other shoe out of the pocket in her apron)

1st stepsister: You were that wonderful lady, I see.

Oh, Cinderella, pardon me.

2nd stepsister: And me.

Stepmother: And me.

Father: Best wishes to you, my dear.I know, you weren’t happy here.

Pardon me, too.

But what could I do?

Cinderella: I am so happy today. Don’t cry.

I forgive all of you. Good-bye!

1st herald: The Prince is waiting for you, as you know.

2nd herald: Be quick, let’s go.

(All wave her good-bye. Cinderella leaves the room after the heralds, also waving her hand.)


Cinderella married the Prince and lived happily

Final song

А зараз ми проведемо літературну гру, яка називається «Портрети». Питання до гри:

1. «Усі дами уважно розглядали її зачіску і сукню і вирішили назавтра ж зробити собі вбрання, як у цієї принцеси, якщо вдасться знайти таку ж матерію і таких же грамотних майстрів». («Попелюшка»)

2. «Гуляючи лісом, вона побачила маленького горбатого чоловічка, дуже некрасивого, але розкішно вбраного». («Ріке-чубчик»)

3. «Принцеса поцілувала чарівницю, натягнула на себе ... шкуру, вимазала собі обличчя сажею, щоб її ніхто не впізнав, і вийшла з палацу». («Ослина шкура»)

4. «Давно-давно жив один чоловік. Він був дуже багатий. Але до нещастя борода у цієї людини була ... »(« Синя борода »)

5. «Принц мимоволі заплющив очі: краса її так сяяла, що навіть золото навколо неї здавалося тьмяним і блідим». («Спляча красуня»)


1. Скільки років повинна була спати принцеса, вколовши палець веретеном в казці «Спляча красуня»? (100 років)

2. У що перетворилися коні, коли годинник пробив 12:00 у казці «Попелюшка»? (у мишей)

3. Як збирався вчинити зі своєю спадщиною молодший син мірошника в казці «Кіт у чоботях»? (з'їсти кота)

4. Яким даром повинен був нагородити Ріке-чубчик свою майбутню дружину? (розумом)

5. Що кидав хлопчик-мізинчик на землю, щоб повернутися додому в 2 раз? (крихти хліба)

6. Який подарунок, у казці «Подарунки феї», отримала молодша дочка вдови за свою доброту? (коли вона говорила, у неї з рота падали квіти і дорогоцінне каміння)

7. Що несла Червона Шапочка своїй бабусі? (пиріжки і горщик масла)

8. Яку ваду описує і засуджує Шарль Перро у казці «Синя борода»? (цікавість)

Відгадайте, що за казки заховані за цими перевертнями?

1. «Чорний берет» («Червона Шапочка»)

2. «Собачка в кросівках» («Кіт у чоботях»)

3. «П'єр без чолочку» («Ріке-чубчик»)

4. «Червоні вуса» («Синя борода»)

5. «Дівчинка - велетень» («Хлопчик-мізинчик»

6. «дрімаюча відьма» («Спляча красуня»)

Наше літературне свято підійшло до кінця. Дорогі друзі, ніколи не розлучайтеся з казками, нехай вони ведуть вас своїми чарівними дорогами!

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